Tel: 0796 767 3308



             tel: 0796 767 3308

Brighton and Hove Dog Walkers



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Busy Life? Need more spare time? In need of your furry family members getting special TLC? Just got to get it done?

It doesn't matter what the reason, we can help keep your precious pooches happy and content.


Kiwi Canines, Brighton and Hove dog walking professionals, is run by Trish - a New Zealander, hence the name; a country kiwi at heart, who grew up on a farm and has been working with animals, including working farm dogs, all her life.


We are family run, fully insured and will look after your pet as if he or she were our own. We comply with the Brighton and Hove City Council's Code of Conduct for Dog Walkers and are trained and recommended by one of Brighton and Hove's longest established dog walkers: Paul at Woofters.


Regular exercise and routines help keep your dog active, agile and happy. Our dogs are exercised in groups as socialising is good for their development and temperament, regardless of their age.




From Labradors to Cockapoos,

Mixers and Bitsers, Yorkies to Shitzus,

We'll come to your place

and make it work for you.


Your Henrys, your Harveys,

Your Pips or your Petes,

Small legs and tall legs,

It's fun time and treats!


It's good times for all,

Whether its wet or dry,

Give us a call,

We're well worth the try!


             tel: 0796 767 3308

Brighton and Hove Dog Walkers


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