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             tel: 0796 767 3308

Brighton and Hove Dog Walkers



Choosing a Brighton and Hove dog walker can be tricky. Whoever you choose needs to be trustworthy, reliable and friendly. As well as the correct personal attributes, you need to make sure certain boxes are ticked to ensure your furry friend is safe, looked after and understood. Our pooches have their own lovely dog-on-alities and it doesn't take us long to figure out and work with their little quirks and preferences.


So, what makes me good at what I do?:

* Doggy first aid trained

* Compliant with Professional Dog Walkers' Code of Conduct

* Certifed and compliant with Brighton Hove City Council's Code of Conduct for dog walkers

* Fully insured and criminal record checked

* Trained and recommended by Paul at Woofters, one of Brighton and Hove's longest established professional dog walkers

* Snuggle and Cuddle qualified

Furthermore, I love the outdoors and I love animals. I'm a kiwi - its genetic, it's how we roll!



What can your dog expect?

* A fuss on collection and drop off

* His or her house keys kept safe and secure

* A safe walk on a lead to and from their house to the vehicle

* Secure transportation in a cage

* A helping hand if the cage is too hard for them to reach

* A chat with the dogs along the way

* A wipe of their paws if they get muddy and a full body rub if they get grubby (please leave out a towel)

* Treats (but not too many!) when they do good things

* A run around (or a plod) before we set out on our wander to settle the dogs

* A safety check and a regroup at regular intervals on the walk

* A minimum one hour walk that starts from the time we start the run around (not from when we arrive at the park)

* Dedication and focus from me - I don't walk with other dog walkers. It's far too hectic and hard to keep a watchful eye on your precious pooches.

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